Holidays and travel

The ideal binoculars for holidays: the all-rounder

Leisure binoculars for holidays should be true all-rounders.

When travelling with a rucksack or taking a flight, weight and size can be very important, but on most holidays other factors such as a greater stereoscopic depth or a high quality wide angle lens are of more interest. In general, a pair of branded, mid-range binoculars are a good choice, such as the adventure D 8 x 25 active. The robust housing is protected by a special rubber casing - and thanks to the ergonomic design and easy-grip surface, these binoculars sit perfectly in the hand.

Optimised for outdoor sport: the tough one

Binoculars in the Eschenbach Optik adventure range are optimised for outdoor action:

the distinctive rubber casing, which gives this range of binoculars its striking appearance, protects against knocks and dropping. These binoculars are 100% waterproof - and are also nitrogen-filled to ensure clear vision even in the case of extremely high temperature fluctuations and prevent fogging of the lenses. Whether you enjoy mountain biking, trekking, hiking or jeep safaris, with a pair of adventure binoculars in your rucksack, you’ll be well prepared for the next holiday and adventure.