Hunting and safari

The ideal hunting binoculars: robust and bright

Hunters have specific requirements when it comes to outdoor binoculars: they not only require high quality optics, but also a robust design, which is built to withstand all kinds of weather. When you’re out hunting or on safari, there’s always a chance that you’ll have to face some challenging weather or light conditions - so reliable long-range optics that can still function in snow, rain, fog and twilight are essential. Eschenbach Optik has developed a range of robust high performance binoculars - for example, with a waterproof magnesium housing - which also offer optimum vision even in poor light conditions.

The ideal specification for safari: a compact size and highly detailed image

When you’re off enjoying an adventure holiday, or out in the wilds on safari, it’s essential that your binoculars are both lightweight and compact. To meet these challenging demands, Eschenbach Optik offers robust binoculars which are not only ideal for expeditions, but are also perfect for air travel and family holidays. What’s more, with their wide angle lens, for example, or lenses manufactured from extra low dispersion glass, these binoculars provide true colour, highly detailed images with an excellent stereoscopic depth wherever you are in the world.