Bird watching and wildlife observation

Binoculars for wildlife observation: true colour images and weather resistant

Binoculars for observing nature and wildlife or birdwatching must meet the highest standards when it comes to colour fidelity and resolution of detail.

When bird watchers look through their binoculars they want to be able to identify the different species of birds. This means that pin sharp images which are free from colour purity errors are essential. To prevent chromatic aberrations, Eschenbach Optik has equipped the trophy® ED range, for example, with multi-layer coated lenses manufactured from extra low dispersion glass. These robust binoculars are also waterproof and nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging of the internal optics in damp weather.

Binoculars for bird watching: bright images and fully coated lenses

The brightness of your binoculars is of paramount importance if you’re going to be a successful birdwatcher.

This is because many different species of birds are mainly active in the morning and in the evening - or can only be observed in dense forest, where there’s only twilight even during the day. This is precisely the reason why Eschenbach Optik offers birdwatchers binoculars which can provide bright images and also guarantee optimum image quality even in poor light conditions - thanks to high quality BaK-4 prisms, full multi-layer coating and objective diameters of 42 to 56 mm. Discover the sektor D 8 x 42 compact+ and sektor D 10 x 42 compact+, for example, which are ideal binoculars for bird watching.