Sporting events

Optimised for sporting events: compact binoculars

Whether you’re watching your favourite team in the football stadium, enjoying the golf or an ice hockey match, a pair of binoculars can ensure that you won’t miss out on any of the sporting action.

The compact lifestyle binoculars from Eschenbach Optik are the ideal choice here: from the timelessly elegant club® to the extravagant vektor pocket - these compact and stylish binoculars are perfect for any sporting event, provide a brilliant image and can be conveniently stored in your pocket.

The best alternative to binoculars: compact monoculars

Light, handy and compact - monoculars from Eschenbach Optik are the ideal alternative to binoculars. Whether you’re watching football, the racing or a show on the stage, these handy monoculars will ensure you won’t miss any detail and will guarantee maximum enjoyment of the event even from the touchline. What’s more, the monoculars from Eschenbach Optik are incredibly lightweight and will fit perfectly in any trouser pocket.

Optimised for sailing: the regatta® 8 x 42

With its elegant and attractive surface, the regatta® 8 x 42 is ideal for design-conscious individualists and not only offers a stylish and visually appealing design, but also the very highest quality optics. The “nature bright” multi-layer coating, phase-corrected prisms and lightweight, waterproof magnesium body, make these top class binoculars ideal for sailing. Whether you’re out sailing on the high seas or relaxing on a cruise, the award-winning regatta® from Eschenbach Optik perfectly combines functionality and quality with exclusivity and style.