A brilliant image every time

Whether you’re a nature lover, enjoy travelling or have a passion for sport or culture - the fascination of observation is brought to life by the quality of the binoculars, monoculars and spotting scopes you use.

Eschenbach Optik offers you not only the best quality but also outstanding reliability. Depending on the area of use, our binoculars meet high demands in terms of brilliance of image, colour fidelity, detail precision and brightness - and this is due to the high quality technical specification, specially selected materials and exceptional workmanship.

High quality prisms

Most binoculars from Eschenbach Optik are equipped with BaK-4 prisms manufactured from barium crown glass and provide exceptional optical performance - such as a very high resolution of detail, impressive edge-to-edge clarity and bright, true colour image reproduction. In the case of selected models such as farlux® SELECTOR V, the BaK-4 prisms are enhanced even further by prisms made from high quality SK15 glass. These minimise undesired internal reflections and guarantee a pin sharp image with optimum contrast.

Optimum multi-layer coating

The binoculars from Eschenbach Optik are equipped with “fully coated” lenses. This means that an anti-reflection coating on all air/lens surfaces optimises “light movement” through the binoculars to the eye. For the highest vision requirements, most models have an intricate multi-layer coating on all lens surfaces. This is only surpassed by the special Eschenbach “nature bright” coating. In the case of the farlux®, bison® and regatta® binoculars, this provides an exceptionally true-to-life and colour accurate image.

Extra low dispersion glass

The extra low dispersion glass, or ED for short, is used in the manufacture of our trophy® D ED binoculars range and provides an image which has exceptional colour fidelity, an extremely high level of detail and an excellent stereoscopic depth. The reason: ED glass compensates for the occurrence of chromatic aberrations, which usually happen when the different colours of components in a ray of light are refracted by varying amounts - and this manifests itself as “colour fringing” along the edges and transitions.

Dielectric mirror coating

The Eschenbach binoculars in the trophy® D ED and trophy® F ED ranges have a dielectric mirror coating within the prism system. This allows the incoming light to be reflected by virtually 100% and prevents the full multi-layer coating from ageing. The result: the contours shown in the image are always distinct and clearly recognisable - even in poor light conditions and in twilight.

Phase correction

Many of the roof prism binoculars with BaK-4 prisms have special coatings which provide phase correction. This particularly intricate surface treatment of the prisms significantly improves the brilliance, resolution and contrast of the Eschenbach binoculars - and provides the ultimate image quality.